If you have ever watched the Jerry Seinfeld viral web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” you will immediately recognize the format of our current podcast. This is definitely NOT the show about nothing. In the tradition of CICGC, we pick up Shelby Events Manager Karen Bishop in a car that suits her personality (2012 Mustang Convertible). We get to know Karen a little better on the ride over to the café. Then we sit down for a cup of coffee and conversation. Get the “behind the scenes” story of ISC, and discover how new ideas and improvements are made each year. Find out who our keynote speaker will be and why he was chosen. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of this parody podcast as we drive back to the Shelby Headquarters and discuss our favorite moments from last year’s conference as we look forward to fun in the sun in Orlando, FL!”

International Shelby Conference | ISC 2016

Orlando, FL
June 15 – 17


Big Game Party

“Back in the day” it seemed to me that churches would compete against the Super Bowl©. However, in the past several years churches have come to see the Super Bowl not as an event competing for the attention of their members but rather as a great opportunity for fellowship and outreach.

Staying Legal

The last thing you want is for your church to break the rules and get called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Here are the THREE things you need to know to stay legal as you throw your party for the Big Game.

1. You cannot rent any new equipment. It must be equipment you use for your ministry services.

2. You can’t charge admission. But you can collect an offering to cover expenses.

3. Don’t refer to it as a “Super Bowl Party”. Instead call it a “Big Game Party” in your advertisements. The term “Super Bowl” is copyrighted.

So, if your church is planning on hosting a “Big Game Party” this year, be safe, have fun and keep it legal by following the 3 rules above.


On December 28th the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the IRS announced a limited extension to the 2015 deadlines for Affordable Care Act 1095 reporting.

It is a one-time extension and reporting is still required for Applicable Large Employers (ALE’s) and self-insured employers. The IRS made this decision based on opinions of stakeholders who felt more time was needed for organizations to prepare for ACA reporting, and for software companies to complete their ACA reporting solution.

The good news: You can still complete your ACA reporting now.

Shelby and Nelco have been working together and are ready to serve your ACA reporting needs immediately. The IRS, Shelby and Nelco all encourage filing as soon as you are ready! ACA electronic reporting solutions in both ShelbyNext Financials and v.5 are ready to accept your 1095 filings now, along with your W-2 or 1099 filings.

This season you can try out paperless ACA filing at a discounted rate. Use promo code BA4 at check out to receive 10% off your filing.* Just click the E-file button when you are ready to print your forms, log in, and you will be walked through the process. It’s quick and easy. 

For a brief video demo, click here.

What does the extension mean for you?

With the extension, you now have two additional months to prepare your healthcare coverage information and complete reporting. Below are the updated filing requirements.

ACA Deadline Chart

This delay is only effective for the 2015 filing year, next year’s ACA reporting due dates will still be in line with usual W-2 & 1099 reporting deadlines. Following the standard deadlines this filing season means you will be better rehearsed for completing ACA reporting on time in 2017, it also means that you can start preparing now for reporting on healthcare information for tax year 2016.

This delay in ACA reporting deadlines has raised a frequently asked important question:

Q: Can my employees file their 2015 tax return without a copy of their 1095?

A: Yes. If you do choose to delay your ACA reporting in accordance with the extended deadlines, your employees will still be able to complete their 1040 prior to receiving their copy of form 1095. The employee simply needs to check a box on the form to indicate that they had full-year health care coverage in 2015. ACA forms do not need to be attached to a 1040, and should not be.

*One time use only.


Legendary College Football Coach Bobby Bowden explains what 3 steps are necessary in life in order to achieve success.

Learn more about the Ministry of Coach Bobby Bowden.
Watch the Bobby Bowden Hall of Fame Speech (13:21).
Watch the Bobby Bowden Scenes from the film We Are Marshall (4:44).
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Hall of Fame Coach Bobby Bowden holds the record for most wins (410) in the history of major college football (along with 2 national championships and 12 conference championships). But those are not his greatest accomplishments. Coach Bowden is living proof that you can live a life of dignity and follow the highest ethical standards and still achieve the pinnacle of success. Discover how “Woodlawn” was a big part of Bobby Bowden’s decision to go into coaching, his unusual path to Christianity, his favorite biography written about him, and how he spends his time now that he is retired. Several years ago the coach gave a speech that changed my life. That evening he concluded with the story of “the only home run I ever hit in college.” Don’t miss this amazing true lesson that you will remember for the rest of your life. And make sure to invite a teenager to see our bonus question and answer: “How to Become a Success.”

Learn more about the Ministry of Coach Bobby Bowden.
Watch the Bobby Bowden Hall of Fame Speech (13:21).
Watch the Bobby Bowden Scenes from the film We Are Marshall (4:44).
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how may i serve you?

In a recent Twitter survey, respondents were asked to share a singular event that impressed them in a church worship service. In fact, most of the respondents said they were “delighted” or “surprised,” and that the one event made them desire to return to the church.


A pattern developed around nine factors. Here are some representative quotes around each of the issues:


  1. “Someone had an umbrella waiting for me in inclement weather.” This comment was made for both snowy and rainy weather. Some of the respondents indicated that someone actually stayed next to them so they would not slip or fall.


  1. “A member actually invited me to lunch.” I admit I was surprised by the frequency of this response. This invitation had a huge impact on guests.


  1. “The kids’ area had leaders who were friendly and helpful.” This issue was obviously highly important to young families. More than ever you keep or lose young families at the point you check the kids in or take them to a class.


  1. “There was a time of meaningful prayer.” Prayer is important to guests. They love the times of quiet when people are asked to pray silently. They also love guided prayers.


  1. “Someone walked us where we were supposed to go.” Every place in a church facility is unknown to a first time guest. They love greeters staying with them and taking the fear of the unknown away.


  1. “There was genuine friendliness outside of the stand and greet time.” Church members tend to like the stand and greet time more than guests do. In fact, most guests see the stand and greet time as artificial, especially if members are not friendly outside that time.


  1. “People followed up with my prayer requests the next day.” Many churches have places on guest cards for prayer requests. If leaders in the church emphasize that people will pray for the guests, many are likely to complete the card. The guests are really impressed if they hear from someone the next day.


  1. “I loved having the opportunity to speak with the pastor.” In some churches, this conversation took place in a reception room after the service. In other churches, the pastor called or wrote a personal email that was obviously not a form email. Guests really love hearing from the pastor.


  1. “I received a gift at the end of the service.” Many guests love receiving a gift for their visit. Their favorite gifts are freshly baked cookies or freshly baked bread. But any gift is appreciated.


Keep in mind, those who responded to the survey noted only one of these nine surprises that caused them to return. They considered any of these efforts above and beyond what they expected.


The ShelbyNext Membership (included with ShelbyNext Membership) iPhone app allows you to access all of ShelbyNext Membership’s core features while on the go!

People Features:
– Create People.
– View lists of all members and groups, complete with thumbnails of profile pictures.
– Use as a church directory, if enabled.
– View all information for a person. Including personal, contact, dates, custom fields, and family.
– Tap profile image to add a new one.
– Edit all fields, including custom ones.
– Add/remove people from groups.
– Add/Edit notes.
– Print a summary page, using AirPrint.
– Add a person to your Contacts.

Self Child Check-in.
– Parents can check their kids in when close to church, so the labels are already printed and waiting for them, when they get inside.

– View lists of Completed, Outstanding, and My Outstanding interactions.
– Edit Outstanding Interactions.
– Assign/Log a new interaction.

– Add/edit attendance for a group.
– Add visitors who are currently in the system.
– Create and add visitors.
– Swipe left on a name to see more options.

Mass Contact
– Mass Email a group.
– Mass SMS and Voice message (Requires this to be configured via web)

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We have been producing year-end podcasts for a number of years now, and we thought it would be fun this year to sort of jump into the Shelby time machine to go back and visit some of our favorite moments from the past. We’ll be covering these topics: Free Resources available to you, year-end differences between ShelbyNext and Shelby v.5, our top 3 year-end tips and ACA Reporting. We hope that this review of some of our most helpful year-end podcasts answers many of your biggest questions and gives you a few tips that you can use. In addition learn about the many ways of getting in touch with us (including live chat) for year-end assistance during the month of January. Make sure you watch the end of the video for instructions on downloading and installing the latest software updates so that you are ready for new tax legislation. So hold on as we go back to the future!

Watch Year-End Discussion - (Video from January/2012).
Watch Top 10 Year-End Tips: Part 1 - (Video from December/2012).
Watch Top 10 Year-End Tips: Part 2 - (Video from January/2013).
Watch Year-End Tips for SFO / v.5 Customers - (Video from December/2014).
Listen to Top Ten Year-End Tips: Part 1 - (Audio from December/2009).
Listen to Top Ten Year-End Tips: Part 2 - (Audio from January/2010).

Read the ACA Overview Document.
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