How would you like to accomplish all of your ministry goals with one integrated software suite that includes adjustable support options? Bundle and Save now with the ShelbyNext Total Ministry Package! This bundle combines all of our most popular cloud-based software applications along with our powerful integrated partner solutions. The Total Ministry Package provides the most value for growing churches, all starting at $179/month. Pick and choose the support options that work best for you. Save hours of work with our next generation Church Management Software, and make sure to ask about our current, limited time offer which results in significant savings for you.


The Total Ministry Package includes:

  • ShelbyNext Membership
  • ShelbyNext Financials
  • ShelbyNext Giving
  • ShelbyNext Websites
  • Background Checks
  • Text Messaging
  • Pick and Choose Support Options

Contact your Shelby Sales Consultant for a price quote, and visit our new Total Ministry Package web page for more details.


As we close out the month of February, we would like to offer another helpful video that continues with the theme of Mobile Apps and Websites. Please click the image above to view a brief lesson on setting up ShelbyNext to receive Mobile App Push Alerts. Maggie Emerson, Web/Mobile Account Manager for Shelby Systems, leads you through this simple process in less than 4 minutes. We hope you enjoy this brief tutorial and that you start using this powerful tool. And here’s one final reminder to sign up for the What Your Website Says About Your Church webinar scheduled for Thursday March 2, 2017 at 2 pm CDT. We look forward to your participation and questions. See you then!


Shelby Systems had the honor of interviewing best-selling author, Lee Strobel, this month. On April 7, 2017 (just before Easter) Lee’s most popular book will be turned into a major motion picture. The Case for Christ has sold 5.8 million copies and it won the prestigious Gold Medallion Book Award. The film tells the story of an award-winning journalist for the Chicago Tribune who is enraged when his wife becomes a Christian. Lee sets out on a two-year investigation to try to prove that the Gospels are false. But a funny thing happens during his quest. Lee discovers that there is reliable evidence for the Bible, and he eventually receives Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

Click the image above to watch a short invitation from Lee Strobel to attend the upcoming movie.


Your ministry’s website is your digital front door. It should be physically appealing, leveraging and engaging. These days there are thousands of ways to set up a website. We are going to go back to the basics in this webinar and talk about the 3 things your website should accomplish and how you can use some of Shelby’s Website and ChMS tools to help you do that.

• Create a modern and physically appealing site
• Establish a reputation of valuable content
• Engage visitors through ministry-focused tools

Sign-up for this helpful webinar by clicking the image above, and join us on March 2nd at 2 pm CDT to learn how to make your website a more effective ministry tool.


As Shelby Systems continues to focus on Mobile Apps and Websites this month, we encourage you to learn more about the mobile tools that your ministry may want to consider implementing. In less than one minute, you can learn about ShelbyNext Mobile, the app specifically created with your church in mind. Our advanced design team will create a beautiful custom app with your church logo, graphics, videos, links and more in both the Apple and Google Play app stores. Just click the image above to see the brief video.


If you have never attended International Shelby Conference before, this is the year you should go! We’ll explain why as we share Coffee with Karen. Join Karen and Don at Café Eclectic in Memphis, TN for a relaxing cup of coffee and a fun and insightful conversation. You will discover what exclusive information will be presented this year, which well-known group will be leading us in worship and praise, the most interesting break-out sessions, available discounts and things to see and do in Dallas, TX. Every Shelby customer should seriously consider attending this year’s meeting because of the unique Wednesday morning session with the COO of Ministry Brands – Brad Hill. Make sure to watch the end of the video where you can experience some of the upcoming conference highlights. We’ll see you June 14-16 in Dallas, TX for ISC 2017 – Expect BIG Things!


During the month of February, Shelby Systems will be focusing on the Mobile Apps and Website tools available to Shelby customers. Sales Consultant, Steele Billings, will be leading a webinar on this topic on February 23rd at 2 pm CST. Until then please enjoy this informative video that Maggie Emerson, Web/Mobile Account Manager for Shelby Systems, put together recently titled “Mobile App Web Portal Overview.” In this 15 minute video, Maggie walks you through setting up the backend web portal for your ShelbyNext mobile custom app. Enjoy and good luck with the launch of your app!


If you are reading this, you have a digital footprint.  A digital footprint is basically a trail of everything you have done on the internet. This footprint creates an image of who we are as individuals. For churches and organizations, it creates an impression of the value and belief systems espoused. Shelby offers tools – ShelbyNext Websites and Mobile – to assist churches and organizations with shaping the types of impressions they leave. Here are a few things to review to ensure you are leaving the right footprint in the digital world:
  •  Is your website dated? When was the last time you updated your look and verified the
      information on your site was current?
  •  Is your website easy to read and navigate?
  •  Is your website mobile friendly?
  •  Is your site integrated with social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.?
  •  Do you have a mobile app?
  •  Are you able to archive sermons or provide live streaming of your services?

If you answered no or were unsure about any of these questions, let us help, perhaps we can assist you in shaping a more prominent footprint. 

(800) 877-0222


“Here’s a slam-dunk outreach event for churches this Easter. This is a compelling movie Christians can confidently invite their spiritually curious friends to attend with them!”


Opening in theaters April 7, 2017, one weekend before Easter, THE CASE FOR CHRIST will inspire believers and provide a safe and entertaining way for their questioning friends to better understand who Jesus is. Maximize impact by booking an entire show time for your church on opening weekend and then invite everyone to your Easter service! In addition to the film, a FREE Campaign Kit is available with the purchase of a theater buyout event. Visit for group ticket information.


From Christian Today:

While trying to prove that God does not exist, this once hard-nosed atheist found what he least wanted to find: God. Now, best-selling author Lee Strobel is bringing his amazing journey of faith from paperback to the big screen in the upcoming film THE CASE FOR CHRIST. Strobel is an award-winning investigative journalist and legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune. The movie is based on his real-life account of how he set out to disprove the newfound Christian faith of his wife using all his journalistic and legal skills. What he found at the end of his investigative pursuit turned out to be beyond his wildest imagination, so unexpected that it radically changed his way of thinking. His interest in the subject began when his wife, Leslie became a Christian. Seeking to convince his wife that she made a bad decision, Strobel interviewed some of the leading scholars on Evangelicalism and Christianity, raising incisive questions but at the same time giving them the opportunity to defend their views. In the end, Strobel found undeniable proof of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as described in the Bible, making him realize that indeed Jesus is the Son of God, the Redeemer and Savior of mankind. THE CASE FOR CHRIST comes from the makers of GOD’S NOT DEAD, Pure Flix and Triple Horse Studios. It stars Mike Vogel (THE HELP), Erika Christensen (PARENTHOOD), Academy Award-winner Faye Dunaway (BONNIE AND CLYDE), Academy Award nominee Robert Forster (JACKIE BROWN), L. Scott Caldwell (LOST) and Frankie Faison (THE WIRE). The movie is directed by Jonathan M. Gunn (DO YOU BELIEVE?) and written by Brian Bird, (WHEN CALLS THE HEART, TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL). The film producers hope that THE CASE FOR CHRIST will further enlighten and inspire believers in their faith and at the same time cast out the darkness in the minds of even the most determined atheists.