Joining us all the way from New Zealand is Shelby customer and Supporting Pastor for Elim Christian Centre, Peter McArthur.

In this brief video interview, Peter tells us:
  • what his life was like growing up as a Kiwi
  • why he became a follower of Christ
  • how the church in New Zealand is different from the church in the US
  • what Shelby product he is using and what he hopes to accomplish with it
  • his thoughts on ISC 2017
  • what he’s been doing for fun in Dallas, Texas
Make sure to watch the end of the video to witness a special greeting and thanks to Shelby customers in the American church. 

Just click the image above to see this 5 minute conversation, and discover how Shelby is partnering with this growing congregation half-way around the world.


Church websites should help the church leadership while delivering the right content to your audience!

Here are 3 critical errors most Churches are not considering and therefore not benefiting from:

  1. Don’t think of your website as a brochure – It’s a conversation. A printed brochure simply offers information for someone’s understanding. A website can do so much more. It wants interactivity and engagement. A website needs to listen, take information, process requests, and deliver information on demand. A good communicator listens more than they speak.
  2. Don’t answer the “now what?” question on every page – You should know why you have your content on your website. You anticipate a desired response from it (or should). Like an understanding salesperson, you need to direct people to what is next (what you want them to look at or make input). It’s like hearing a good story and asking “why are you telling me this”; you can guess, but who better to guide you than the person telling the story! A good communicator leads people with content. Keep them engaged!
  3. You’re not watching the metrics – Your website wants to tell you about your audience and your content. Websites are collecting a ton of information, and Google Analytics are collecting that information for free (if you set it up properly). Once you log in, you’ll discover who’s reading your content, how long they spend, what page they go to, what search engine and keywords they used to find you, and lots more. A good communicator uses this data to shape their content.

Websites offer so much more for effective church communications than print materials. It’s the real reason we all have websites. Harness the power now!

Source: “Be Known for Something” by Mark MacDonald


A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea. Here are a few myths that we hear commonly when it comes to mobile giving.

  1. OLDER GENERATIONS WON’T GIVE ON THEIR MOBILE PHONE – Baby boomers and older generations are using mobile banking apps, paying for their coffee via the Starbucks app, buying things on Amazon, and engaging with their families on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. ONLY LARGE CHURCHES CAN USE MOBILE GIVING – The size of your church has literally no significance here. Whether you’re a small church that’s just starting or an established church that’s been serving your community for years, mobile giving can help you raise more money than ever.
  3. MOBILE GIVING COSTS TOO MUCH – Most churches will see far more giving over and above their normal weekly or monthly average which, even with fees, puts the church in a better financial position.
  4. MOBILE GIVING ISN’T SECURE – When done correctly, mobile giving is more secure than taking cash and/or checks when the collection plate comes by.
  5. MOBILE GIVING MAKES IT HARDER TO GIVE AND DOESN’T ALLOW DONORS TO SET UP RECURRING DONATIONS – You can give on your mobile phone faster than you can find, write, tear off, and drop your check into the plate. Plus, your tax receipt will be emailed immediately to your inbox. In addition, mobile giving actually makes setting up auto recurring giving easier because it’s shown to the person during their giving moment (eg. it puts it on their mind). Donors can then set up donations to occur on a schedule that fits with their financial situation.

To learn more about using Shelby software to setup Mobile Giving at your church, contact your Shelby Sales Representative today!

Source: Church Tech Today


Outreach events for churches can be predictable in the fall. But what if you tried something else, maybe something with an intentional evangelistic focus that your community might not expect? These ten outreach ideas will allow your church to be noticed in your community and, most importantly, provide your members with several opportunities for gospel conversations.

  1. Sponsor a booth at the county/state fair – churches from the area can sponsor booths at the fair and provide free face painting or even henna tattoos as a means for gospel conversations.
  2. Wear church t-shirts to a local event – this can help raise awareness of your church.
  3. Host a hunting season event for men – consider hosting a kickoff event for hunting season with a men’s dinner and have the men in your church invite their friends.
  4. Honor first responders in a worship service – your church could invite and provide a breakfast for all first responders then briefly recognize them in the worship service.
  5. Sponsor a breakfast for teachers at a local school – use the new school year as an opportunity to minister to local teachers, administrators, aides, bus drivers, and staff.
  6. Staff the concession stand at a local park or stadium – your presence will likely result in gospel conversations and invites to church worship services.
  7. Coordinate a community outreach day through your small groups – pick a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for all small groups to participate in a community outreach event.
  8. Hold a family movie night on the church lawn – consider having a movie night on the church lawn and encourage families to invite their neighbors and friends.
  9. Host an “Invite Your One” day – the fall is a great time to host these events, and they can be great catalysts for creating an atmosphere of inviting in your church.
  10. Set a gospel conversation goal for your church and provide training – train your members, and provide the opportunities for gospel conversations to happen.

Source: Lifeway Christian Resources


Today, we’re going to take a look at using video specifically in ministry to encourage, connect, and inspire your congregation as well as assist your worship team in learning their music. Video is perhaps one of the very best tools to share new music and inspire people in and beyond your church. So many of us regularly watch and listen to YouTube playlists as another option for entertainment.

YouTube is also a great help to worship leaders (free ebook on using YouTube in ministry).



  • C4 Churchin Canada has taken worship ministry a step further by writing their own worship songs and producing their own videos to teach and share this music with their congregation.
  • C4’s worship leader, Chris Vacher,recently wrote an article for CTT on the most beneficial apps for worship leaders, then shared this great new video with us.

Overall, I believe a production like this has lots of staying power, from showing people what your church is like to those who might see the video but not attend, to teaching people new songs. Whether you have a larger budget for video production like C4 Church, or a smaller budget, video can be used to teach new music and encourage worship participation. Lastly, the video can be used in many different ways via social media to enhance your church’s online presence and increase your church’s reach.

Source: Church Tech Today


Did you attend ISC 2017 in Dallas, TX this year? If you did, you can relive some great memories on our 10 year anniversary podcast. If you missed it, you can still see the best moments in about 7 minutes. Brad Hill, President of Ministry Brands, starts us off with his keynote address titled: Always Come Back to Why. Next, join us for praise and worship with Love & The Outcome. Finally, we conclude with comments from attendees, a slide show of fun activities and one very excited winner. Make sure to also watch our ISC 2018 Promo and Find Your Rhythm in Memphis, TN June 6 – 8, 2018.

Watch the 60 Second ISC 2018 Memphis Promo.
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Some Shelby Customers who attend ISC like to bring their families with them and make it a vacation. Whether you plan on attending ISC 2018 in Memphis (with or without your kids), there are lots of fun things to see and do. During the days (June 6 – 8, 2018) you will Learn, Network and Worship at International Shelby Conference. During the evenings you are free to have fun and make life-long memories with your family and friends. Just click the image above for some inspirational ideas and Find Your Rhythm in Memphis, TN. Please visit our ISC web site to learn more.


As we look forward to ISC 2018 in Shelby’s home town of Memphis, TN, we thought it would be appropriate to provide a list of exciting things to see and do while you are visiting us. This will be the 30th anniversary of International Shelby Conference, and we want to make it a special occasion. Everything from Music to Museums to the historic Memphis Zoo await you. We’ll have more detailed information as we get closer to the event date, but for now please click the image above to visit the 10 Best Destinations list. You will be familiar with some of these attractions (Graceland for example), but others may surprise you. We are proud of our hometown and hope that you come to appreciate Memphis as much as we do. Another web site that you may want to become familiar with is There you will learn about all things Memphis: food, arts & music, people and places. Enjoy and we’ll see you here June 6 – 8, 2018 for ISC 2018.


Yinka Akinlade is the Vicar of the Anglican Church on the Peninsula in Lagos, Nigeria. During a recent visit to one of our Shelby events, he explains:

What he likes best about Shelby as a Company
What his experience with Shelby Support has been
Differences he has noticed between Shelby and other companies
His thoughts on ShelbyNext

We are pleased to add Yinka Akinlade’s church to the expanding list of global Shelby clients. Just click the image above to see how Shelby is assisting the church in Africa (in about 30 seconds).
And contact your Shelby Sales Consultant to learn more about Shelby’s Ministry Software today.


Thanks to everyone (Attendees, Shelby Staff, Vendors) who helped to make ISC 2017 in Dallas, TX such a huge success! This year’s conference was a concentrated time of learning (with over 200 break-out sessions), networking (many friendships and professional relationships formed) and worship (Love & The Outcome). We are editing an ISC 2017 highlights video right now from all of the activities that took place at the conference. It should be ready for you to watch soon on our Shelby Podcast web page.

Our Events Team has already begun working on our next conference hosted in Shelby’s home town of Memphis, TN. This will be the 30th anniversary for International Shelby Conference, and we have something special planned for you. Learn more by visiting the ISC 2018 web site and then enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Memphis by clicking the image above.