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Shelby Financials and Arena Standard Online were created with your church’s specific needs in mind. Your church software should serve you well so you can serve elsewhere. If flexibility is a major attribute you’re looking for, check out the overview videos below and learn about the products Shelby Systems has to offer.  

Shelby Financials Online Video

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  • Complete Online Financial Package
  • Get only the functionality you need
  • 24/7 access from anywhere, any device
  • GL, AP, AR, Purchasing Management, Fixed Assets, Bank Account Management, and Payroll



Arena Standard Online Video


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  • Complete Online Membership Package
  • Providing just the functionality you need
  • 24/7 access from anywhere, any device
  • Membership, Contributions, Groups, Email, Texting, Online Giving, and more





Texting and walking is a modern day reality. You have probably seen the many YouTube videos of people walking into walls and poles because they are distracted by texting on their cell phones. People text and walk so often there is a good chance you might be one of the people from the YouTube footage.


Humans are creatures of high intelligence but we seem to only be able to focus on one thing at a time. So if we are texting then we are oblivious to our surroundings. There are a lot of dangers that can come from texting and walking. If you complete this practice on a busy street and try to jay walk in New Jersey you will be given a steep ticket. In London the city has added protective padding around the poles and sign posts on their streets in hopes of decreasing injury.


How can we fix this problem? If I received a ticket or fell off a pier while completing this action I might learn my lesson. Yet, the dilemma is how do we get people to change their actions before injury occurs? Creating awareness by word of mouth and YouTube footage has not seemed to slow people down at all. China has come up with a solution that just might help this world wide problem. China has walking lanes designated for both texters and non-texters. These lanes are similar to bike lanes or to put it simply they are divided sidewalks. These lines were painted to hopefully quarantine the text-walkers and keep everybody a bit further from harm.


Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think a texting lane would be helpful in your city?

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Allow us to share with you the next steps on our product road map along with viewing the features and benefits of using Shelby Arena, our browser-based church management software, and the new Shelby Financials, our browser-based fund accounting software. These products are for both PC and Mac users. See how it can help your members, future members, lay leaders, and staff connect to what’s going on in your church and with each other. Managing your people’s information just got easier with using Shelby Arena for group management, volunteer tracking, workflow management, serving areas, check-in, online event registration, online giving and much more! 


Tues, Sept 25, 2014

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM CDT

Held at Shelby Systems Headquarter in Memphis, TN


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I do not have children. So it is easy for me to think about all the wonderful things I will not fail to teach them someday. When I think of all the areas of life that I wish I knew more about, or wish I had been taught as a child, I make a mental note to add it to my future children’s study guide. When the time comes and if the Lord sees fit to bless me with children I am sure most of this mental study guide will be the last thing on my mind. Survival mode will most likely become my best friend. I may have a fairy-tale perspective at this point but I do know it is important to equip children/disciples to survive as a believer in this fallen world.


When I read this article I remembered that you cannot pass down a trait if you do not possess the trait. As the saying goes, more is caught than taught. And seeing that an article titled “Ever Wonder What To Say To A Homeless Person? Here Are 5 Things to Say And 5 Things Not to Say” exists shows I am probably not the only one who could stand to be better equipped in the topic.


I believe that the Lord has a deep love for the poor and needy. (Deuteronomy 15:7-8) I would love to teach my future children to love those that the world deems unworthy. I gained some great insight from this article. And I will have to put this knowledge into motion myself if I ever hope to pass it on to others. Here is an outline.

Do Say

  1. “I don’t have money, but is there another way I can help you?”
  2. “Did you catch the game?”
  3. “Good Morning”
  4. “How are you doing? Would you like to talk?”
  5. “I will keep you in my thoughts”


Don’t Say

  1. “Why don’t you get help?”
  2. “Here’s a dollar. Please don’t use it to buy alcohol.”
  3. “Why don’t you go to a shelter?”
  4. “You don’t seem like you should be homeless.”
  5. “Get a job.”

This “Do” list needs to be taught to everyone because it seems we have forgotten or were never taught how to value each other by simply speaking to one another. We should all acknowledge each other and respect the fact that we are all made in the image of the One True Living God. People that are begging for help and possibly homeless are made in the image of the same God and should be treated with the decency. And as for the “Don’t” list, I feel these are unfortunately the responses we have been taught in our culture. So, we may be behind but do not be dismayed! There is still hope and we can change the norm by refusing to conform and by being devoted to each other in love.


I hope you found this helpful. Read the full article for full descriptions as to why these comments are either a “do” or “don’t”. Go out and share the love that has been freely given to you.

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Bryan Lawton pic

Bryan Lawton – Version 5 Support Team Leader

Bryan is an all-around people person. He enjoys talking with customers and works hard to understand their specific situation. He feels a great sense of accomplishment in helping customers find a solution to their support issues. He especially enjoys navigating customers through Shelby Mailroom. If you see Bryan around Shelby it’s likely he is in the process of refilling his diet soda. When Bryan is not working he is spending time with his two teenagers, volunteering through his church, or cheering loud for the Memphis Tigers. Go Tigers Go!! Bryan is an asset to the Shelby Support Team and we are blessed to call him a part of our Shelby family!! 

For this and more Employee highlights visit the Shelby Community.


The New and Improved Shelby Community is online and available now! Today we will meet with some of the people who helped to update and consolidate this incredible resource. We’ll find out what it is and why you should sign up. Listen as Steve Pruitt lists all of the advantages of joining the community. Todd Brotzman explains who has permission to use this valuable yet free tool. Randy Turner gives additional benefits and tells us where to find helpful written documentation. Make sure you watch the end of the video to meet Shelby Team Member Bryan Lawton (featured on the community home page).

Shelby Podcast: The New Shelby Community from Shelby Systems Media on Vimeo.



There  is power in the name of Jesus! John 20:31 tell us that these are written that you may continue to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in him you have life by the power of his name. Acts 4:30 says stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus.


I was taught to conclude my prayers by saying “in Jesus’ name, Amen”. I don’t remember being told the significance of praying my requests in the name of Jesus and the power that this unleashes. That is not to say I was not told, some things you can be told a thousand times as a child and they never sink in. Yet this stands to be repeated. There is power in the name of Jesus!! So when we go before the King and present our requests in faith let us remember the magnitude of the power in the name of JESUS!


Watch this music video by The Digital Age and take a break to ask the Lord for a greater understanding of himself and the power that is in His name. 



That’s right, it’s here. The New Shelby Community is up and running. The Community is your main source for self-help information and an avenue to communicate with other Shelby users to help you and your staff to be more efficient in your ministry.

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Steve Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief of Christian Computing, Christian Video and American Church Magazines, joins us for our annual What’s Hot podcast. Find out why Steve looks so different this year. Learn what VIC stands for and why it will change everything you know about technology. Discover what Calico is doing to make the lives of older Americans easier and why today’s seniors will be the last generation that becomes too old to drive. Listen as Steve forecasts a massive communications breakdown in the next couple of years. One of this year’s predictions has already come true. See which one it is. Find out what a small town church is doing to grow and attract new members, and make sure you watch the end of the video to hear Steve’s yearly rant.

Shelby Podcast: Steve Hewitt – What’s Hot in Technology? from Shelby Systems Media on Vimeo.