YouVersion, launched by Life.Church in 2008, recently announced that the Bible app has now topped 200 million installs. In its third consecutive year of adding 50 million installs, the app now offers the Bible in more than 1,200 versions and 900 languages. This year, the favorite verse for the United States was bookmarked, shared, highlighted, and listened to so much that it beat out every other verse in the app’s history. That verse was Romans 12:2: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing, and perfect will”. American users preferred the New International Version. Every second, 112 people open the YouVersion Bible app.


Christmas came early this year for Jeff Louis, a 22-year-old pizza delivery man who received a surprising $700 tip from the congregants at Life Point Church in Mentor, Ohio. Louis was moved to tears in a now viral YouTube video in which he emotionally describes the event as “the most amazing thing” that’s ever happened to him. “I’ve been having such a hard time lately, just struggling to stay clean and everything,” Louis says in the video. “I’m just trying to get my life back and it just really, truly amazes me that people who don’t even know me just wanted to help me out that much.” Pastor Ken Wright sums up his thoughts: “Our motto and our mission is to focus on building one life at a time and this is a great example of how a small act of kindness can make a difference.”


Everyone is familiar with the 150 year old charitable organization - The Salvation Army. But do you know about this respected group’s Christian history and articles of faith? Christine Schuster, Senior Financial Accountant for the Eastern Territory, joins us to talk about: William Booth (founder of the Salvation Army) and what motivated him to serve the less fortunate, why the Salvation Army considers itself to be a church, how many members and nations they assist, what services they provide, how their thrift stores work and where the money goes, and how Shelby software has been able to help them reach their ministry goals over the years. And make sure to watch the end of the video for Christine’s emotional first-hand account of the disaster relief that The Salvation Army was able to provide during 9/11. This is the first time that Christine has spoken about the events in NYC since they happened, and you will not want to miss her heartfelt story.

Learn more about: The Salvation Army.
The Salvation Army goes High Tech this year.
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Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting is required for tax year 2015. We have partnered with Nelco to provide our users with the best ACA reporting supplies that are compatible with our software.
Which forms do you need?
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Shelby Systems is putting the finishing touches on their financial software to make it ACA compliant, and it will be available to you very soon. Shelby Software Developer, Keith Milford, joins us today to tell us how ACA Reporting will affect your ministry. Discover what ACA stands for and which ministries will be required to participate. Keith explains exactly what you need to do to get ready for ACA regulations and then demonstrates a complete video walk-through of the entire filing process. Also learn when the new financial programs will be available for Shelby customers to download. Next, Keith informs us about the new ACA Overview document and ACA Video demo that will help you master ACA reporting. And make sure to watch the end of the video to hear Keith’s top tip and advice for you!

Read the ACA Overview Document
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The biennial Shelby Headquarters Conference received rave reviews from the attendees who met together in Memphis, TN on October 14 - 15, 2015. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of this year’s event. Join us as Steve Pruitt (Director of Customer Support) welcomes the group and recognizes the first priority of the conference. Next watch Bill Ballou as he leads a discussion on current developments for ShelbyNext and Arena customers (during the New HQ Products class). Then catch a glimpse of the one-on-one sessions, and see who Sales Manager Alfred Johnson is assisting during Conversations with Sales. Finally the attendees share their thoughts and feelings about HQ2015, and a birthday is celebrated with one surprised customer. Don’t miss the end of the video to learn more about Shelby’s next big event, International Shelby Conference, June 15 – 17, 2016 in Orlando, FL!

Watch - 2015 Headquarters Conference Picture Highlights (slide show with music)!
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As you are all aware the new reporting requirements are right around the corner. We want you to know that these changes are being incorporated into our Shelby products and will be ready for you by Thanksgiving. Be on the lookout for an email invitation mid-November for a webinar to show you how your Shelby software will help you meet the ACA requirements.

To start preparing now, here are a few suggestions to get you ready to meet those requirements…

We suggest making sure each employee has a valid SSN, first & last name, and a valid address in your Shelby software.  If you are a v.5 or Arena customer AND you are self-insured, you can enter covered individuals as family members. Requirements for covered individuals are first & last name, and either a SSN or DOB. Note that information on covered individuals is only required if they are self-insured.

Also, apart from data that can be entered now in Shelby, we highly recommend that all clients download the IRS forms and instructions to familiarize yourselves with the data that will be required. As an example, for large employers, you must specify which type (of the 9 types) of coverage was offered to each employee for each month of the year. Also, large employers must specify how many full time equivalent employees and total employees you had for each month. 

As you can imagine, there is a litany of data required depending on what type of employer you are. Familiarizing yourselves with the applicable forms and instructions ASAP will help when everything is released. And we, as your Shelby team, will make sure your software is ready and capable of helping you meet all of your ACA requirements.

For more information on ACA Tax Provisions for employers, click here.



Looked at Arena before but haven’t checked back in to see all the awesome updates we’ve had? Now’s the time to take another look. See a short list below of what we’ll be showing and discussing on Tuesday.

  • Mobile Portal
  • Responsive Templates
  • Volunteer Management
  • Dynamic Communication Templates
  • Event Registration with Responsive Pages
  • Our Planned Arena Roadmap
Learn how Arena can help your ministry be more effective.

We have an upcoming LIVE session so that you and your staff can experience Arena, see a demo, and ask questions. Join us:

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The Shelby Events team has been really busy this year with two major gatherings. HQ 2015 (October 14/15) received rave reviews from the attendees! Shelby welcomed approximately 45 clients and engaged them on HQ topics relating to our three software platforms–Shelby v.5, ShelbyNext, and Arena–as well as power reporting. Many team members assisted in this endeavor, from prayer support to helping with the preparation details to actually contributing on site with session leadership, one-on-one support, note taking, sales meetings, and making sure that the customers are satisfied with our products and our future development. This face-to-face time and building and maintaining relationships through personal human interaction is an important part of the commitment Shelby Systems has with its customers. Please watch this picture slide show with music and enjoy some of the best moments from this year’s HQ 2015 conference.

We will present a full video highlights podcast on November 3, 2015.


woodlawnShelby Systems recently had the opportunity to interview former Alabama State Senator Hank Erwin (portrayed by Sean Astin in the film) about the much anticipated motion picture WOODLAWN. Here’s a quote from Hank during the conversation: “On October 15 we are going to have an unpublicized soft opening. We are using that as an opportunity for churches to take their football teams to see the film (across the country) to preceed their game on Friday night. The goal is to get 1 million athletes to the movies on that Thursday night. You can visit: for more information. It will be a fun, exciting and spirit-filled movie for all the family members. So get your popcorn ready, get your school bus to the theater, bring your team mates and enjoy a wonderful movie – WOODLAWN!”


Click the picture (above) to watch the brief interview with Hank Erwin.